I am Yann Jettain an abstract expressionist painter and inventor of the traveler’s painting case. Growing up, I was surrounded by many works of art in the family home: Henri Girard, Jean-François Chaussepied, Yvon Daniel and paintings by my father from when he was young. Unfortunately, we never had a chance to share this passion together. Painting was something noble which seemed out of my reach. When I came across some unused tubes of paint of my father’s when I moved out, I decided to get started!
I am a long, quiet river that marvels at creation. My painting reflects my soul, of what I perceive in this magnificent and terrifying world. I make my heart speak on each stroke of brushes or painting knives. My painting is spontaneous, relaxing, meditative. You are free to see, imagine, dream through my paintings.

My wish is to democratize art and that people reflect on their understanding of the artwork and the artist.

I hope that you will take as much interest in my projects and my paintings as I do!

Yann Jettain